It’s great to be back in the Studio!

I love the recording process.

It’s incredibly satisfying to see my songs take on new shapes and feels in the hands of the very gifted musicians with whom I’m privileged to work. The day may run from 10am to 10pm but I never feel I’ve had enough of it!

studio 1studio 2studio 3

Last week saw the first three days’ work on my new album Temptation Once Again, which will be coming out in November. This time we were in Herbert Place Studios, which is a fine facility in a lovely setting along the Grand Canal. Using the same core crew as on my previous albums – Dick Farrelly on guitars and electric bass, Ger Farrelly on drums and percussion, Dave Fleming on double-bass and Richie Buckley on sax, with Mick Heffernan again at the desk, we put down most of the instrumentation. We’ll be back in August to add a string quartet on 6 of the tracks. In the meantime. I’ll be working with Mick in his own studio on Lennox St to add vocals from myself and Ellen O’Mahony as well as backing vocals on some tracks from Padraig MacMahon, Cian O’Mahony and Paul O’Toole.

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I’m very excited about this album. The songs have been written over the last couple of years and are the mainstays of my live set. They’ve been fine-tuned through regular performance and many of them have become very popular with my audiences. It’s going to be nice to have them all collected on disc – and a perfect Christmas stocking-filler too!