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I really appreciate your comments on my music, through the Contact page on this website or through comments on my Facebook page. Here’s a selection.

Yesterday on my flight home I found your new CD on Aer Lingus and listened to it repeatedly for most of the flight home.  I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!   This morning I searched for you online and plan to buy several of your CD’s to share with friends and one to keep for myself. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment to make my flight home so enjoyable. – LINDA DALPE (CONNECTICUT, USA)

The Storytime album is a bit like a book, if we look at each song as a different chapter. No better man than Tommy to bring a story to life through song.   The title track took me right back to my school days, and I learned from it that the moon is made of cheese.  No lies!  This song will open your mind. – MIKE MULVIHILL (SHANNONSIDE FM / NORTHERN SOUND FM)

A joyous discovery it is. He has an ear for a melody and a tongue for a story, – MARK BURNS (DRIVE 105.3FM, DERRY)

I was instantly hooked – what a beautiful track Storytime is. His songs spark thoughts and take you on a journey. – MICKEY DUFFY (FINN VALLEY FM)

Storytime is a beautiful tune and wonderful lyrics – JIMMY STAFFORD (HIGHLAND RADIO)

Reminiscent of Gilbert O’Sullivan at his finest – we love Storytime – MIKE GLEESON (DOWNDA ROAD RADIO)

Storytime is a happy warm blanket to wrap yourself up in from the master storyteller Tommy Keyes – DAVID DEE MOORE (BLUES & ROOTS RADIO)

I have to say the Storytime single is really nice. It’s just a chill out, sit back, tune out to the world and just listen to the music. To be honest I’ve seen the feedback on your website and they don’t really do the song justice –
the song just speaks for itself.  There’s been many good songs out there and this has to be right up there with the best of them. I’ll take great pleasure in playing it this week on carlowfm – DAMIEN PROCTOR (STATION MANAGER/OWNER, CARLOW FM)

Wow, what a super album Storytime is!  Outstanding tracks for me would be Where Are The Clowns (I remember the circus, the magic that sadly the children are missing out on now), Storytime (it’s lovely, and there’s a line in there about telling your grandchild the same things you told his mum, that’s class and thought provoking), House for Sale (a real gem, it’s just a house like any other house except it’s not really) and Canaries In The Coalmine (another wonderful creation, apart from being topical it’s of course very true; a lovely piece of writing, well done). – DEZ MURPHY (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Everything on Storytime from the songs to the arrangements, production and packaging is top class – again! My particular favourites are Suzi Quatro, Sentimental Songs and Chasing Shadows. – MICK BRADY (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Listening to Storytime – sounds great. Sentimental Songs my fave at the moment. – DERMOT McKENNA (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Storytime is phenomenal. Another great piece of work. Hope it gets the airplay it deserves. On first listen, Canaries In The Coalmine, Lucky and Suzi Quatro are my favourite tracks.  Very well-crafted lyrics on Lucky – like guys who wrote for Tony Bennett and Sinatra. You would have done well in the New York song factories. – VINNY CLOHISEY (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Love the cover of Storytime.  The picture is cool and the whole cover is very reminiscent of the Penguin book covers of old.  You’re on top form and so are your ensemble of backing vocalists. – CONRAD CALLAN (RADIO PRESENTER)

I reckon Storytime is your best album yet. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant – classic storytelling.   You should write a book sometime. – MICHAEL DOWLING (MUSICIAN)

The main man representing the heart of Dublin music at its finest and the respect of all the world – WILL PARKER (AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Wonderful, wonderful new album Radio Days. Think Van Morrison but in a good mood! – PAUL EGAN (LIFFEY LIGHT ORCHESTRA)

Absolutely brilliant album, think it’s about your best yet.  – TONY BERGIN (RADIO PRESENTER) re “Radio Days”‘

I have been greatly enjoying the new album Radio Days over the last few weeks.  Top songs. top playing.  Nothing too flashy or clever. The arrangements serving the song.  The way it should be. – JOSH JOHNSTON (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Wow,  an amazing track.  Subtle guitar sax and strings behind a brilliant voice with lyrics that many if us will relate to. Meaningful gentle piano.  Only one word fits this song BEAUTIFUL! –   DAVE MACLEAN (DURHAM) re “Radio Days”

Rain away .. I’m listening to Tommy Keyes’ AGEING WITH ATTITUDE album. WOW I’m absolutely blown away. Congratulations on a great production, wonderful lyrics & vocals. – FACEBOOK POST BY EAMONN PATRICK WALSH (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Great song, wonderful sentiment, top notch songwriting, world-class production and a great arrangement. Well done Tommy and all involved, this truly deserves all the attention its getting on other platforms and airplay. – YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “ANY OTHER WORLD” BY ANDREW ORE (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

You are a VERY talented cat! Your voice is cool and unique, and your musicianship is terrific. –  JIM TRAINOR (SINGER-SONGWRITER, IDAHO)

Wow, ‘Listen to the Rain’….I love it. Going to play it in Jan show, HAD TO squeeze you in with this song, I never play slow songs on my show, this will be the first, but man oh man…I got to.    I love your voice and your writing. You are a talent.  I want to hear more from you. Send me a bunch personally, I love it.  – GENYA RAVAN (ROCK LEGEND AND PRESENTER ON LITTLE STEVEN’S UNDERGROUND GARAGE)

Fab. Incredible. I’m putting this into rotation immediately!  –  HAL ABRAMS (CENTRAL COAST RADIO, CALIFORNIA)

Love the album Tommy. Music very moving. Life in voice and sounds hits a chord. Well done. – AILISH BUTLER (AUSTRALIA)

I’ve had a good few listens to Ageing With Attitude and , fair play, it’s a great collection. Drowning in the Blues and Billy’s Song were real highlights for me as was Listen to the Rain.  Sax break on It Shouldn’t be Ending This Way is very classy too. – BARRY CURRIVAN (POET)

We love your sound! I’d be happy to add “Walk Away” and “Ageing with Attitude” to our World Music rotation and Folk rotation. – JENNA FEENEY (OHM RADIO 963, CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA)

Tommy you nailed it, classic ’70s sound on Walk Away! – JOHN ABRAHAMSEN (RADIO PHOENIX, ARIZONA)

Just treated myself to a CD! Tommy Keyes is such a great musician and songwriter, I just know this is one I will want, for when house gatherings resume! – GILLIAN TUITE (SINGER-SONGWRITER)


Only got Tommy Keyes’ CD today – took it for a spin in the car. I honestly felt like a criminal only paying €10 for it. Class!  With an unbelievable line-up of musicians. – KEITH EASTWOOD (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Listeners loved it! – MARIA McCORMACK (STRABANE RADIO)

Delighted to get my copy of Ageing With Attitude.  Tommy is one of those rare talents that manages to consistently delight his listeners while staying fresh with tricks galore up his sleeve. – NATASHA HELEN CRUDDEN (PERFORMANCE POET)

The songs definitely show that you are ageing with attitude! – SUBHAJIT DASGUPTA (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Been listening to the album in the car and am loving the vibe.  Great rock ‘n’ roll tunes on it. Glad it’s getting the attention it deserves. – PETE KAVANAGH (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

A great songwriter indeed!  – RONAN GALLAGHER (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Big thanks for getting the new album Ageing With Attitude to me – quality CD! Look forward to sharing it! – MICKEY DUFFY (FINN VALLEY FM)

I really enjoyed Temptation Once Again: many excellently crafted and performed songs there. Repeated listening threw up a varying selection of favourites, but the enduring ones for me were Just a Simple Love Song, Brimful in My Soul and the extremely touching Valentine. You have a great lyrical flair that is deceptively direct but must take great attention to achieve. Not to mention a way with a melodic hook that harks back to the great songwriters of the American seventies. All this, plus the apt arrangements and wonderful featured instrumentalists, make me very pleased to add this CD to my collection. – PATRICK KENNEDY (MUSICIAN)

Tommy Keyes has a voice you’d want to hug! It’s always the voice, Tommy. Oh… And the writing. And the telling of the story. And the band… The tune… ???☝️? – FRANK PHELAN

Just listening to the album through decent cans. Lovely songs and really composed playing from the Farrellys, Dave Fleming and Richie Buckley – nice production too. I imagine you could throw Randy Newman in as an influence – no bad thing. Well done to Tommy and all involved. – MARTIN McEVOY (MUSICIAN)

Listening to your album – some lovely tracks on there. Very relaxing vibe! – TANYA FARRELLY (WRITER)

Had a quick listen to Temptation Once Again (nice title) on Apple Music, favourite track so far is The Moon And The Stars. Nice production and arrangements on the tracks and cool cover art. Good luck with the album. – JOHN D’ARCY (DIRECTOR, OPEN UNIVERSITY)

Best of luck with the new album…and make sure An Irish Life doesn’t get forgotten in the current momentum! It’s an artefact of the Irish experience. A standout favourite of mine from the last few years, at least. Keep rockin’, Tommy. – FRANK PHELAN

Really nice, just listened – love the production on it and really love the live strings on Valentine. – RUSSELL FEELY

I’ve put a couple of tracks from Tommy’s album on the playlist at the cafe and they stand up really well. I love Valentine. It’s a beautiful poignant lyric. – ANDREW LAWLOR (COFFEE BOUTIQUE, DELVIN)

I listened to Tommy Keyes’ album in one sitting on release day yesterday. It’s incredibly professional. I had a few weepy moments hearing lyrics about two lovers growing old and one being in a wheel chair as well as Tommy’s voice marrying with his daughter’s so well ? I’ve accidentally gone on his launch tour! It’s on Spotify & in Tower Records if you wanna check it out. Congrats Tommy Keyes – SARAH BUCKLEY (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Tommy is not only a highly talented musician, but a staunch supporter of and a great friend to the performers on the unsigned scene in Dublin. Be sure to grab either a copy or a download of “Temptation Once Again” to give this wonderful artist the support he deserves. – NATASHA HELEN CRUDDEN (POET)

A message popped up on my phone that my preordered album had arrived…I thought a quick sneaky listen what harm?….1 hr later lol??
Love “Moon & Stars” & humming “Something’s broken” all day since…”Snakes & Ladders” hard listening ( at present!) “Valentine” tough at any time but part of aging …. it’s a very thought provoking album beautifully cast-thank you? – HEATHER CONNOLLY

A fantastic CD from start to finish. Well done to all involved in the production, well worth spending euros for it. This man is a fantastic singer and musician and he should be getting more airplay on all radio stations so for those who haven’t got it, make time to do so. – JOHN DULLY (WEST LIMERICK 102FM)

Listening to the new album and really enjoying it. Well done, Tommy, it’s a great job. – PETER SALISBURY

It’s a great album… something special about it. Wishing you well deserved success with it – SINEAD STONE (SINGER, AJA)

Lovely, Tommy, beautiful song and great arrangement ? – JOHN HENSHAW (MUSICIAN, THE IRISH CELTS)

Very nice Tommy beautiful number love the rhythm nice and straight simple – MICHEAL FINNEGAN O’BRIEN (MUSICIAN)

I still love your voice, Tommy Keyes. This is gorgeous. – FRANK PHELAN

Nice song Tommy,love the strings,sax and vocals?? – DAMIEN ROE

Beautiful song Tommy – LISA BRACKEN