Radio Days – a love song to radio

“Radio Days” is my new single, released on 28 July. It’s all about the enduring importance of radio – even today when music can be consumed in so many different ways.

I won a cassette tape recorder as a prize in a competition at school. They weren’t long on the market and I’d never seen one before.  I soon discovered how to connect it to the radio.  Now, as well as listening to the chart hits and the new releases, I could record my favourites and learn to play them by ear on the piano.  The natural progression was to take the chords and rhythms and turn them into songs of my own.  And so it began…..

For all my life, radio has been my gateway to the wonderful world of music – my entertainer and my educator.  Today, radio is as important as it ever was, especially for independents like myself.   I dedicate this song to everyone working in radio who sees it as part of their role to give exposure to independent musicians.

In my opinion (and I can’t really be objective here!) the song has all the ingredients of a radio hit – a lovely piano-driven melody, embellished by saxophone and a string quartet, story-telling lyrics that draw the listener in, a soulful vocal and sweet harmonies from the backing vocalists.  It’s being promoted with a video awash with nostalgia which you can see here:

Postscript: “Radio Days” is the fourth of my singles to top the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, which it achieved on release day 28 July.