Some thank-yous at Christmas time

I’ve made a little video for Shooting Stars as a Christmas wish for everyone who’s taken an interest in my music.

It’s just over a year since I started this wonderful journey, back on a road that I had left so many years ago. Practically everyone who has shared any part of the journey with me has been so supportive and encouraging as to make it a pleasure from start to finish.

There are far too many to namecheck individually but I’ll be eternally grateful to everyone who helped in the recording and production of my albums, the musicians who have joined me onstage, and the very many young and exceptionally talented singer-songwriters that I’ve met at sessions in all sorts of places, who have been without exception so welcoming to the old-timer who has suddenly appeared in their circle. I also really appreciate the hard work of the organisers of the various singer-songwriter sessions, for whom it is so obviously a labour of love.

I’m also very grateful to everyone who has bought my albums, and for your very encouraging feedback, and of course to the record stores who stock them and the radio stations who have played them. I also appreciate everyone who takes an interest in my updates on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, especially those of you who like, share or post nice comments. All of these gestures give me great encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing.

And finally, of course, as Christmas is so much a time for family (which is the theme of Shooting Stars), my unending gratitude goes, as always, to my own family for indulging me in my pursuit of my dream and for all the support along the way.